Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your company do ?
USA Process Serving is primarily a process serving company. Although we do offer additonal document delivery services.

2. What is Process Serving ?
Process Serving primarily consists of presenting the paperwork of a lawsuit to a defendant who has been named in that lawsuit. The initial documents pertaining to a lawsuit are not the only documents that might be served on an individual however. Other documents that might be served would be subpoenas, wage assignments, letters from attorneys, notice of an upcoming hearing etc. (click here to read more…)

3. How long does it take to serve an individual ?
Service on an individual varies depending upon the circumstances. Most services are completed within one week. There are instances where it can take longer, especially if the defendant is evading service.

4. How much does it cost ?
Cost for service depends upon the location of the service required, how many defendants and how many locations you would want service attempted at. USA Process Serving bases all charges for each service on flat rates and never charges for mileage or other hidden costs. We also offer volume discount rates.

5. How many attempts will you make to serve an individual ?
Our servers are instructed to make up to three attempts to serve documents.

6. Where do you serve papers ?
USA Process Serving currently serves documents in the USA County. *Update* We are currently developing our nationwide network of process servers and now offer service in most major cities. Please visit our sister company USA Process Serving

7. What is the law regarding service of process in USA ?
Service of Process Laws